Saturday, February 13, 2010


So my Lover Boy is home from Iraq.  Just letting you all know...there may or may not be much crafting going on for my blog.  We are spending a lot of time together as a family and our kitchen.  This is my "CRAFT" for the next few weeks.  We are taking LOTS of pics so we can do a before and after.  Stay tuned if you wanna see pictures.  Or, if you live by me...just stop by!  We would love some company...but don't be mad if we put you to work once you get here!  Just kidding! But seriously though.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mirror Make Over

I have an ugly old mirror.  Story?  When we lived in Alabama I bought a cheap full length mirror because military housing...well, what can we say about military housing?  Anyway, I needed a mirror and found one at Walmart.  It worked, it was cheap so that's what I got.  Several years later - and several moves, this poor mirror is sad.  The cheap plastic frame has completely fallen apart and it is now just a mirror glued to cardboard leaning up against my wall, covered in little handprints from Griffin.  I decided that I would give the mirror a makeover.  Here is my sad mirror....

Pretty gross huh?  Do my kids lick it then smear the spit around?  Because that is what it looks like....ewww just gross!
Anyway, I went to Lowe's (I prefer Lowe's to our Home Depot.  The Lowe's employees are much more pleasant...Home Depot employees are cranky and don't like their job.)  Sorry for the tangent.  Back on track!  I bought two long pieces of base board.  They were on clearance for $2.89...not to bad!
Measured the length and width of the mirror, made my marks on the base boards and cut those babies using a chop saw!  All by myself!  No male involved...I have learned a lot about power tools since Mike left for Iraq.  With no man around the house, I have to do things myself!  Do they make chop saws in pink?  Just curious???!!!

After the boards are cut, line edges (seams) up to secure.  I use what I have around the house...there might be a better way to do this (okay, I am sure there IS a better way to do this!) I used my heavy duty stapler to secure the boards together at the seams.  Place the mirror on the backside and staple all around every few inches to secure mirror to frame.

Maybe I should clean the mirror?  Nope, not yet! 
Since I am a newby at this whole thing, my seams were not perfect.  I used a little wood filler in the seams!
Pull out the paint and get busy!

Griffin really felt he needed to help me with this project!  He is such a little cutie pie!
I painted it first with a blue then went over it with a glaze.  I love glaze.  It makes everything look so pretty!  Once the paint is dry, turn frame/mirror over and install hardware to hang.

The end result....Not so ugly anymore!
(The ribbon is not my hanging hardware...just in case you were wondering!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo Album Stand...Oh So Cute!

As most of you know I have a serious addiction to making things.  I stay up until all hours of the night crafting, sewing, baking...whatever I need to do until my body decides that sleeps is necessary.  I am also easily impressed by items made by awesome girls using power tools...something about it, just absolutely love it.  So, when I find something I really like...I have to make it...I must have it!  I know, it is a serious problem I should consider seeking therapy for.  Hmmm?  Maybe later!

Anyway, saw a photo album stand that totally caught my eye.  Very cute, very simple, and inexpensive.  Oh, and don't forget you will need to use a power tool or two!  Here is the one I saw, but I changed things up a bit and made it a little more my own.

I am not sure why, but I really LOVE this craft!  It is so fun, so easy and turned out so cute!

Supply List:

1 - 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch block
1 - coffee table leg. 
I found mine at Lowe's on clearance for $6.82
I also cut the bottom 2 inches off.  It would have been REALLY tall!
1 - Finial
1 - Dowel cut to size (however long you want it!)
1 - Cap to put on the end of dowel.
1 - long screw
Wood glue
Black paint
Sand paper

Let's get started!

1.  Cut the leg down a few inches to desired height.
2.  Drill a hole in the base block big enough for the screw to fit into.
3.  Drill a small pilot hole in the leg.
4.  Put wood glue on the bottom of the leg
5.  Screw the two pieces together with a power drill or screw driver.

6.  Drill a hole large enough to fit the dowel into on the side of the leg. 
7.  Fill the hole with wood glue and insert the dowel.
8.  Dab a small amount of wood glue on bottom of finail and screw into the leg.
9.  Again, dab a small amount of wood glue on the other end of the dowel and put the cap on.

10.  Sand to your liking!  I like everything nice and smooth.  So I do a lot of sanding. 
11.  Paint - I used the cheap acrylic paint.  It was really dull so I sprayed a couple coates of Matte Finish Spray to shine it up a bit.
12.  Scuff the edges...if your into that sorta thing.  I used an old nail file instead of sandpaper.  I find it easier to sand where I want.
13.  Pull out your mini photo album, some ribbon or metal rings and voila!