Monday, February 20, 2012

Zebra Princess Cake & Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Madison!

One year ago today I was introduced to a little girl named Madison.  I was asked by Amy McAllister to make a birthday cake and cupcakes for Madison 1st Birthday celebration.  Through talking to Amy, I learned that Madi lost her mother during child birth.  I felt honored to be asked to help celebrate the life of this beautiful little girl.  Yet, saddened because it was also the one year anniversary of her mommy's death. 

Heavenely Father blessed this sweet little angel with large amounts of love.  From all who knew her, knew her mommy, and her daddy.  Amy, was Madi's moms great friend.  Amy has taken Madison in, whenever necessary and has helped raise this little lady.  I admire Amy for her strength to lose a best friend, yet celebrate the life of her daughter.

Last month I was informed that Madison had yet another major trial.  Her daddy returned to heaven to join her mommy.  I didn't know either of Madison's parents, but my heart was immediately broken.  How could such a small child endure such great loss?  Who would take her?  Who would raise her?

With the help of Madi's grandparents and Amy, she is a happy two year old - celebrating her 2nd birthday!  I think of Madi and I realize how precious life is.  It can be taken in an instant.  We need to celebrate life, show sincere love and concern to those around us, delight in spending time with our family, and embrace one another always.  For you never know.

Happy Birthday Princess Madi

May All Your Hopes & Dreams Come True! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals Cake

Now, I'm not a super big baseball fan, but I have a friend who is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan!  And his birthday just happened to fall a few days after the Cards won the world series!

What better way to celebrate than with the coolest, freaking birthday cake ever?!


Griffin (my three year old) walked into the kitchen and asked if he could see the cake.  I picked him up and immediatley he said "Oh mom!  It's ANGRY BIRDS! Me love it!"  with a giggle, giggle.
Well, angry birds wasn't really what I was going for, but he knew it was a bird - so that's good - right?

Delivering the cake to the birthday boy....

(I think he likes it - yeah?)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cowgirl Cake, Baseball Baby Shower & A Marathon

I have been a busy little bee this week.

Friday night I had a little moment.  I started to think I was doing to much.

Everything that could have happened in this week DID!  The hubs working late, the cake/cupcake orders coming in, working my regular schedule which was busier than normal, kids with school, preschool cancelled, Visiting Teaching (last week of the month and I'm "that" person), carb loading lunch with the team, oh yeah, and did I mention the ST. GEORGE MARATHON on Saturday?

Slightly overwhelming week, but oh so worth every minute!

Every task was accomplished and for the most part, right on time!

I got the order for a pink and white cowgirl boot cake.  In my mind I knew what I wanted to do.  I am in love with how it turned!  The birthday girl requested white cake with buttercream frosting. Yu hum!

Baseball Baby Shower for Baby Liam!  Red Velvet cake with buttercream...Delish!
The cake is my fav!

Leann, Shay, Me and Shaunna

Waiting for the patty wagon to take us to the start line.   Yep, perks of being cops wives.  We didn't have to wait for the buses to shuttle us.

Crossing the finish line.  One of the most amazing experiences ever.
You can't see it, but I had used my Cricut and vinyl to put this saying on the back of my shirt...

Because I Can

Being my 2nd time running a full marathon, I knew I could do it.  We (Shay and I) had probably 50-60 runners comment and tell us they LOVED our shirts!  Yeah, we're cool like that!

Me and Shay at the finish.  I am so lucky for great running friends.  She is what keeps me going and keeps me sane.  When I want to quit, she reminds me I can finish.  Running takes a physical toll, but a mental one as well.  I am lucky to have Shay to pull me along.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black & White Wedding Cake

With a Splash of Green

My first tiered wedding cake for Lexi Plumb's Wedding.

I love how it came together and it looks so beautiful next to the vases of flowers!

Congrats Lexi!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My seven year old LOVES Hello Kitty.

Her fasination started with Hello Kitty about two years ago.

I am surprised it as lasted this long.

We had a small family party this year.

Breakfast at the park, spent the afternoon swimming, crab legs and salmon for dinner (HER REQUEST!) and then cupcakes and presents to end the day.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Woody's Round Up Birthday Party

My Little Griffin Man turned THREE!

I love how excited he was to hear everyone singing to him!

Making his wish and blowing out the candles.
He is to cute for words!

There's A Snake In My Boot!

Happy Birthday Griffin. 
Mommy loves you more than ever.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sea Turtle Cake & Cupcakes

Can you say "CUTE!"?

When I got the order for a Sea Turtle I must admit I was very nervous.  I had never done anything with this much detail.  So, I put my nerves aside and got to work.  I must admit, I am in LOVE with this little guy!  And the overall presentation!

Pardon my attire, after I delivered and set up the cake/cupcakes we headed to a pool party.

The cupcake tower complete with cupcakes.

Chocolate Coconut and Raspberry Mango.