Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sea Turtle Cake & Cupcakes

Can you say "CUTE!"?

When I got the order for a Sea Turtle I must admit I was very nervous.  I had never done anything with this much detail.  So, I put my nerves aside and got to work.  I must admit, I am in LOVE with this little guy!  And the overall presentation!

Pardon my attire, after I delivered and set up the cake/cupcakes we headed to a pool party.

The cupcake tower complete with cupcakes.

Chocolate Coconut and Raspberry Mango.


Allyson said...

That is adorable!!! You are so talented!

Rushton's said...

WOW!!! you are amazing, look at this!!!! there isn't anything out there you can't create. This is FABULOUS! How many times can I say WOW without overkill? Simply amazing. you are simply amazing.