Monday, February 20, 2012

Zebra Princess Cake & Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Madison!

One year ago today I was introduced to a little girl named Madison.  I was asked by Amy McAllister to make a birthday cake and cupcakes for Madison 1st Birthday celebration.  Through talking to Amy, I learned that Madi lost her mother during child birth.  I felt honored to be asked to help celebrate the life of this beautiful little girl.  Yet, saddened because it was also the one year anniversary of her mommy's death. 

Heavenely Father blessed this sweet little angel with large amounts of love.  From all who knew her, knew her mommy, and her daddy.  Amy, was Madi's moms great friend.  Amy has taken Madison in, whenever necessary and has helped raise this little lady.  I admire Amy for her strength to lose a best friend, yet celebrate the life of her daughter.

Last month I was informed that Madison had yet another major trial.  Her daddy returned to heaven to join her mommy.  I didn't know either of Madison's parents, but my heart was immediately broken.  How could such a small child endure such great loss?  Who would take her?  Who would raise her?

With the help of Madi's grandparents and Amy, she is a happy two year old - celebrating her 2nd birthday!  I think of Madi and I realize how precious life is.  It can be taken in an instant.  We need to celebrate life, show sincere love and concern to those around us, delight in spending time with our family, and embrace one another always.  For you never know.

Happy Birthday Princess Madi

May All Your Hopes & Dreams Come True! 


nolaandgary said...

The cake you made for Madison is beautiful, a perfect cake for that little princess. Madison is my grand daughter. Her daddy is my son. There are no words that can ever be said on how much we miss both Keith and Summer, and how much we all loved both. Our sweet Madi is truley a little miracle. Love you Madison, Love Grandma Nola

Anonymous said...

How can we contact the person that made this cake?

Julie the Cupcake Girl said...

Hi, I am Julie with Cupcakes by Julie in St. George, UT. You can contact through email at or call/text me at 435.313.6190. Hope to hear from you! Thanks. JM