Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Ideas: New Year's Finger Foods

New Years to my family means games. So in between rounds, hands, game changes, winning and fun conversations, we make a dash to the kitchen and get a couple of mouthfuls of yummy food and then head back to the games. Here are some awesome ideas for the perfect food for your holiday: Appetizers, Finger Food, Munchies, etc, whatever you want to call them!

Family Fun has these great dips on their site. The snowman is simply whimsical and the present is elegant to me. Can’t go wrong with cream cheese!

Favorite Go To Recipe: Raspberry JalapeƱo Jelly served over cream cheese with crackers. Elegant. Impressive. Flavorful. Simple. Did I mention how tasty this was?

(Forgot to take my own picture, pic courtesy of Cooking with Krista)

And my new favorite hot dip: MOMMY CRACK

(aka Cream Cheese, Sausage, and Rotel Dip) from Stephanie at A Year of Slow Cooking.

My photo just doesn't do it justice. It is seriously that good. You have to add this to your new years menu.

Oh, and my friends Sara and Kate (I speak as if I really know them! Well, I know them pretty well through their blog!) over at Our Best Bites have an even more fantastic list of foods. Go check them out! I recommend the Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos; made them last night and my family raved and raved about them.

Here's to a Wonderful New Year's Eve party, ringing in 2011!


The Gathering Place said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and love the ideas you share. I linked your appetizers to my blog. I hope you don't mind.

Julie the Cupcake Girl said...

Yum! I have some Pepperberry Jelly that someone made. I tried it with creamcheese and crackers. Absolutely divine! And, I'm not a hot/spicy lovin' person. It was the perfect combination. The cheese toned down the spicey and ....mmmmmm.... so good! Thanks for sharing!