Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black & White Wedding Cake

With a Splash of Green

My first tiered wedding cake for Lexi Plumb's Wedding.

I love how it came together and it looks so beautiful next to the vases of flowers!

Congrats Lexi!


Kyle and April Moore said...

Hi julie this is april..will you call me i would like to order some cupcakes, possibly a cake..6682625, i don't see your #on here! thanks

Rushton's said...

Wow! Nicely done. See, there isn't anything you can't whip up. You have an abundance of talent!

The Wingnut's said...

amazing. beautiful. better than the cake boss cakes!

love it!

Sheree Dittmer said...

I am Tara's sister and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your style and your creativity! I love all that I have seen and wish that you lived close to Tara and me so that I could have you do a neat cake/cupcake specialty item for me - I love the zebra princess ones and this black and white and green one! You are awesome!