Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day is coming - May 9th to be exact! 
I was trying to decide what to get my mother this year because really she has everything!  She doesn't enjoy mani's and pedi's because she is to shy to show anyone her feet, she is allergic to real flowers and perfume, when she wants something she just gets it! So I had to put my thinking cap on again this year.  My mom always has something hanging on her front door and this idea came to me.

1 barnwood frame
1 piece of scrapbook paper
Vinyl lettering
1 giant gerber daisy
small flowers and fillers
hot glue and glue gun

I measured my "fillers" to be the length I wanted and tied them off with some twine.
Use a hot glue gun to attach it to the frame.

Clip of the stem of the gerber daisy and hot glue to the frame covering the base of the fillers.
Attach scrapbook paper inside the frame and apply vinyl lettering.
Simple as that!

The frame can stand on it's on.  Say like on a entry table?  Or maybe even attach some burlap with a staple gun to the back and hang on your front this!

(Please forgive the horrible ness of this picture.  My camera was being stubborn!)

Happy Mothers' Day to all the great Mothers out there!

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Christine said...

What a great idea! great job!