Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY Piano Bench

If you haven't seen the blog Knock Off Wood, then you are missing out. I recently discovered it and fell in love. Ana provided free furniture plans, the material list, the cut list, and step by step instructions on how to make it. She really targets women and tells them they can build their own furniture at a fraction of the cost, really encouraging them they can do it themselves, items that seem overwhelming and usually reserved as a man's hobby. She lives in Alaska and doesn't have access to Pottery Barn, West Elm, Land of Nod, Ikea, etc so she makes a knock off, that in my opinion, is pretty darn close, if not more awesome. Okay, enough about how much I LOVE her website.

My first project was to take her coffee table and modify it, shorten it and turn it into a piano bench. We haven't had a bench and I thought it would make a good starter project. I forgot to take photos from the beginning, but remembered in the middle. Check it out:half way done, just needs the toptrying it out to make sure it fits/workslots of sandingand staininglike my little wood shop in the garage?
sorry cars, you will have to park outside now.


a little darker than the piano, but my hubby insisted this was the right color, Man, I love being right!
Whalah! What a beauty (I think!)


Kathleen said...

GOOD JOB! Really impressed! Oh and I LURVE that website! Knock off Wood is awesome!!!!

Hot Foil Designs said...

Love it, there's nothing like a sturdy piano bench. But I love the 'shelf' underneath. Great Job.

Anonymous said...

very nice. piano bench... I too amy making one similar to this...Only one suggestion pls wear some safety glasses to protect yourself