Friday, May 21, 2010

Carseats and Cupcakes!

Shortly after my little Griffin was born, I attended an expo and for the first time ever, I saw the cute carseat canopies!  I instantly fell in love and wanted one, but didn't LOVE the price tag they had.  I inspected the canopy and left feeling pretty confident I could make this thing much cheaper.  I had great intentions of making one and never got around to it.  Griffin is now almost two and doesn't ride around in an infant carrier anymore!  (THANK GOODNESS!)  However, I was sad because I never had made one. 

Well, today was my lucky day!  A friend is getting ready to have a baby.  A baby GIRL!  Even more exciting.  Admit it, girls are MUCH, MUCH more fun to make things for!  I know you all agree.  So, I thought "No time like the present!"  Tara found this tutorial here for me (thank you girl!) and I tried my hand at sewing these sweet little things.  I am actually not surprised at how easy they are.  I added my own little "fun" things, like a ruffle around the edge, adding straps to BOTH sides making it completely reversible, and of course a flower.  Because every little baby girl needs a flower or two, or three.....

I made a button whole in the bottom corner and attached a button to both sides of the flower.  Then she can use either side of the canopy and have the flower on either side too!  And then, when you lift up the canopy to show off your darling, there is a cute button to show off!  How clever of me?  Yes, I know...I am tooting my horn on this one.  I am so clever!

These cupcakes are nothing special, other than they taste delicious and look so dang cute!  So cute, I had a hard time taking a bite.  I made the basic chocolate cake mix here and made delicious buttercream frosting.  Oooohhh, my mouth is watering.  I can eat frosting by the spoonful.  I took the sissy way out this time and bought some premade fondant, rolled it out and cut out cute little flowers.  I used food coloring to color another batch to be pink and cut out smaller flowers.  Now, off to my fridge to eat one of the few I hid from the family!  Shhhh...don't tell!

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Rushton's said...

SUPER CUTE! love it and the cupcakes were good! we need to just make cupcakes and then savor EATING them!!!