Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Wreath From Pages of a Book?

I have seen them before and often wondered why??  And, now I know!  They are lots of fun to make, cheap, and much cuter in person than in picture.  Especially when you are looking at my pictures...because I have the WORST camera of all time and I hate it.  (This is a whole other story).  Wanna make one?  Follow these directions here.  I made mine differently by making scrolls, tying together with twine and using hot glue to attach them to a circular wire wreath.  I added a simple bow and hung it on my wreath frame. 

Wreath frame you say?  What is that?  Well check this out here.  I made this about a month ago and it is great!  I have it hanging on the wall at the end of my hallway.  I painted mine black, distressed the edges with sandpaper, and glazed over it.  It looks amazing!  The best part about that project was it was completely FREE!  We had some leftover bead board and moulding from our kitchen project. I love FREE craft projects.

Now, back to the wreath.  You have to check out all the different styles out there.  If you know you want to make one, but aren't sure which style, just google book page wreath, click on images and your bound to find one you like!

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