Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Building Junkie

Got this off of Ana's Knock Off Wood website, seriously LOVE that girl and all her free furniture plans. It is kind of us, crafting and building things, not caring that people think we are crazy, and dreaming of the next project.....

10)You'd rather have tools than a handbag or diamonds for Valentine's Day (julie and your birthday wishes of a table saw or an automatic nail gun, me and my mother's day sander!)
9) They recognize you (and possibly hide) at Blue or Orange
8) You buy OOOOPS paint, and mix up your own colors to save money for more lumber
7) You peek under tables to see how they were made, even when you're out to dinner on your anniversary
6) You store wet paintbrushes in sandwich bags so you can sneak out and paint after everyone goes to bed
5) It's no big deal if there is sawdust in your bra
4) You've loaded lumber into the racecar
3) You dumpster dive for pallets and reclaimed wood
2) You keep red flagging tape in the car in case you have to haul lumber hanging out your trunk
1) You use household tools for building (ie a iron steamer for bending wood, a leaf blower for blowing sawdust out of your minivan.

Gotta love it!

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