Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cupcakes Galore!

(paint­ing by Etsy seller, jennys­bakeshop)

A few days ago a friend posted a similar picture on my facebook wall stating "This so SCREAMS Julie."  Little did she know how my week was shaping up, these little words of encouragement helped me make it through. 

 Jade, you were inspired in your post, not only did I have A cupcake - but I had THREE HUNDRED cupcakes! 

 Just to clarify, I did not EAT three hundred cupcakes.  I only ate one, or two...!

Want to know a little secret?  I didn't start building this bad boy of a cupcake tree until Thursday night around 8:30.  Friday was my "bake the 300 cupcakes and cake day" and Saturday was the wedding.  I started to think I may have procrastinated a little to long.  But, it all started coming together.   I then realized I shouldn't doubt myself.  I had everything all under control.  All I needed was to heed these wise words of advice:


Stay calm.  Eat a cupcake.  Or two.  Everything is going to be fabulous!

Update:  When talking the bride and discussing the theme of her wedding, I found this cupcake stand.  This is where the inspiration came from in creating the piece.  The first website I found, the stand was selling for $349.99, Boss Manufactoring has it for $229.99.  I knew I could create something on a larger scale for MUCH less than that.


Brooke said...

Gorgeous. So beautiful. I love it!

Kellie said...

Your stand looks better anyway!! And I want to dig my face into one of those cupcakes :)

The Wingnut's said...

amazing! so beautiful! you are the queen of cupcakes in my book!
Will be in St. George next week. Maybe you me and Holly will be spinning over at the gym?