Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birth Announcement - Subway Art

Last month our family welcomed a new baby.

Shaunna - If you are reading this  STOP NOW! 

Unless you want to see the little surprise I have for you!

I get the honor of having another niece!

 Don't you just LOVE babies?


They smell delicious, soft skin, and they are just plain precious.

I saw something similar to this Subway Art and new I had to make one for our sweet new addition. 

(I just can't remember where...I really need to do better at keeping track of where I see all these amazing ideas.  People are brilliant and I owe credit to the person who created the original - cuz it wasn't me.)

Print it.  Frame it.  Gift it.


Just like a brand new baby.

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Jordy said...

Very interesting take on birth announcements. Very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing!