Saturday, January 16, 2010

I {HEART} Valentine's Day!

I am in LOVE with Valentine's Day this year!  Why?  Because the LOVE of my life will be home from Iraq to celebrate in this romantic day of LOVE!  And I am sure there will be plenty of LOVE going on!  Yeah, sorry WAY TO MUCH INFORMATION! 
I was in the crafting mood but didn't want to go to the store.  I began to browse my house (which many of you know is full of crafting crap!) thinking to myself what can I make today?  When a little light when on in my brain (yes, it is a little flicker of a light...not big and bright!)  I had tons of wood scraps, valentine paper, ribbon, vinyl, sandpaper and a new PINK cordless drill.  (Oh yes, it is as cute as is sounds!)

So a few hours later...... Ta Da!!!

Don't mind the empty candlesticks...I am working on something fun to put on there.
The idea just hasn't come to me yet!

A Little Love


I found some thin wood laying around and cut them into 5.5x5.5 inch squares.
Pulled out my new FAVORITE thing in the whole world...SPRAY ADHESIVE (truly where has this been my whole life?  I LOVE IT!) 
Cut some fun reds, creams, tans, and cute colors of paper into 5.5x5.5 inch squares.  They didn't have to be to perfect because I sanded the edges to make it all nice and pretty! 
Spray your super awesome cool spray adhesive all over the back of your paper and stick it onto your wood square!  Careful you put it on where you want it...once it sticks, its stuck!
Sand down your edges so they look how you would like.  After I sanded them, I inked the edges so they looked all rustic and distressed...that's how I feel some days...rustic and distressed!
I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl letters.  You can stencil them, print them, whatever works best for you!
I like makes life easy.  Oh and it will pull off!  So when I don't want so much LOVE around, I could change it to....KISS or HUGS or GO AWAY, oh wait, I need more squares for that!
Then I pulled out my cute PINK power tools...the drill!  And, drilled two holes in each square. 
Cut four strips of ribbon, looped them through the holes I made with my PINK drill (yes, having it PINK makes it much more fun to use!)  Tie your knots and Ta Da, You're Done!

XOXO Blocks


I love blocks!  I must truly be a kid at heart because I even catch myself building little towers with these dang things!  Here are 2 1/2 inch blocks that have been sanded nice and a babies bottom.  Okay, not that smooth, that takes WAY to much time.  But, they are smooth enough! 
I also LOVE stain.  I stained all the blocks in a dark "Provincial" wood finish.
Cut out paper squares just slightly smaller than your blocks and once again, use the SPRAY ADHESIVE and glue on those bad boys, apply your vinyl and in a matter of minutes, you have some super cute blocks!
You can always mod podge over the top for extra security.  I am to lazy and don't want to take the time.  And, I can never seem to find a foam paintbrush when I need it.

My original plan for my "XOXO Blocks" was to have three more smaller blocks that would adorn my childrens cute faces sitting on top of the XOXO, because we do a lot of that at my house!  We all LOVE hugs and kisses...cuz seriously?  Who doesn't?

I hope everyone has a Valentine's Day full of LOVE!  Happy LOVE Day Ya'll!!!

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Anonymous said...

Julie that is so cute! I want to make those but I don't have anything crafty laying around my house! Me you and Anne need another crafty day and let the kids run wild again! I am so happy your man will be home soon!