Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Movie Theatre

Holly needed a super cute decor idea for her parents home theatre.  A sign for POPCORN!  She wanted something different and unique.  One that no other theatre would have. 
Here is what we came up with!

We found a an old cupboard door that needed a new home!  We spent a few minutes sanding down the old stuff, making it nice and smooth so it was ready to paint!  Decided to use Krylon Antique White spray paint.  Why?  Because spray paint is AWESOME!  Spray the first coat and allow to dry.  Apply a second coat and let it dry.  Once paint is completely dry, glaze over the top using Ralph Lauren Technique Glaze tinted Old Violin Brown.  Cut out vinyl and apply!  Simple as that.

Now, I can't wait for her parents house to be finished so it can be displayed for all to see!  Oh and maybe if I am super duper nice, Wendy will let me hang out in the theatre and watch Holly play Wii Just Dance 2!


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so playing with me!!

Julie the Cupcake Girl said...

It's on, like Donkey Kong Sista!

Heidi said...

I love the letters for "popcorn". So unique!

The Wingnut's said...

You will always be welcome in the Wingnut Theatre!
Cannot wait to find the right spot to hang it but I am thinking I need a real popcorn maker on wheels, how cute would that be!