Monday, January 17, 2011

Updo you can DO!

 This is a really great hair style if your hair is really dirty, you don't have time to wash it but still want to look cute! First you are going to take a fish tail comb and back comb the crown of your hair to the point it is standing up like my models!
 Then kind of shake it and smooth it out with your fingers, I don't like to comb it because it will take some of the cushion out that you worked so hard to put in!

 Now pull it back in a half pony. Then take a bit from the bottom of the pony tail and wrap it around the top of the pony tail and secure with a bobby pin at the bottom.
 Pull the rest of your hair into a side pony and do the same thing, wrapping an under piece of hair around the pony tail and securing with a bobby pin. Curl the ends of your side pony and your ready go!

Another idea is to make your side pony into a "messy bun"

My name is Holly and I like fun, easy hairstyles


Kesha and Kenny said...

What a good idea to put hair style how to's on your blog! Really cute hair-do too...I might have to try that on myself!

The Wingnut's said...

Very cute!