Monday, January 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Cupcake Printable!

I know, I know!  The big LOVE day is several weeks away but I can't help but get excited to make some LOVE cupcakes, LOVE cards, LOVE everything!  Why?  Because I LOVE Valentine's Day!  This day means so much more to me than spending money on a special someone, or going out on date night.  I love this day because I get to express my LOVE to all those people I LOVE! 


Mom & Dad
Great Friends
Church Members
Police Officers
Military Men &Women
My list could get really long so I will stop now.

Valentine's Day is not just about lavish gifts, chocolates and diamonds.  It's about showing and expressing how much you LOVE and appreciate those around you.  A simple smile, hug or embrace can give someone more LOVE than buying them gifts.  So this LOVE day, make sure you express LOVE to those you LOVE!

Here's a free printable to top those cute cupcakes.  You know I will be coming up with some great LOVE cupcake.  Maybe next week I will have a cupcake creation recipe for you?  Maybe just because I am in the LOVE mood!

Print off these super cute LOVE cupcake toppers and put on those delicious cupcakes you want to make for all those people you LOVE!  Remember, I would LOVE to see your creations if you use these printables!

Have you ever been to Summertime Designs?  Summer Driggs has amazing digital scrapbook kits.  This is her "So This Is Love" kit and I LOVE it!  I put together these printables from her kit, Thanks Summer!!

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