Sunday, March 20, 2011

Music in the Park - Bowler Wedding

I wish I could tell you this was just the beginning of ALL the work that went into this reception, but it's NOT!  This is the night before the reception, all of us ladies HARD at work. 

This woman - MARY WILSON.  She is insanely talented and probably one of the greatest women you will ever meet.  I am a better person by just knowing her.  She has more talent in her little finger than I could ever hope to have!  She cooks, bakes, sews, knits, crafts, creates, serves her family, children, church, and neighbors AND is the most giving woman on the planet.  The best part?  She does it all with a sincere SMILE on her face!  She is freaking AMAZING!

Let me just start off by letting you in on a little secret.  Tenting the church gym is never a good idea - it looks beautiful, but it is A LOT of work, and I mean A LOT!!!  I slipped on that stinkin' tulle and about broke my leg and arm.  So, if you are up for it, DO IT!  But know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into!  I now consider myself a PRO!  I seriously think I climbed that 14 foot ladder over 150 times yesterday!

The  Ice Cream Cart - I have to tell you, we had the CUTEST Ice Cream man serving the guests!  He had on a vintage ice cream hat and apron, black and white wingtip shoes, OH, he was the BEST.  To bad I don't have a picture to show you :(

The tissue balls - which are now known as the POOFY BALLS (gotta love my honey Mike) hanging over the Ice Cream Bar.

Which was FILLED with tantalizing treats, splendid sweets all to top the ice cream and satisfy your taste buds.

Music was a must - especially with the theme!  The piano, tables, and side tables were decorated with rose topiary's and musical luminaries.

The "THANK YOU" for coming boxes.  Displayed so elegantly on a table for the guest to take as the left the reception.

All of the boxes are handmade, along with the vintage sheet music flowers on the top.

To hide the accordion doors (or to distract, I guess!) we hung sheet music flowers, pictures and love sayings making them look as if they were floating in the air.  Here is where the guest were able to leave the gifts - in a big wooden wagon and below a stone water fountain.

Tulle and luminaries tented the venue, giving just enough light, offering a walk in the park at moonlight feel.

Holly and I are pretty proud of these little meringues!  They look ADORABLE and they taste FABULOUS!  How tacky would it be to set out a spray can of whipped cream?  So, we piped meringue into swirls and baked them to create the same effect.  Oh, but let me tell you these little goodies are delicious and were snatched up like potato chips!  People were eating them by the handfuls!  YEP, that good!

Definitely a night to remember!

The centerpieces for the tables.  Vases filled with roses and several musical luminaries glowing.  The table runners were all handmade by a woman in a neighboring ward.  The are so elegant and pulled the tables together.

The cupcake tower!  It turned out even more beautiful than I had envisioned it.  I custom made the stand to fit into the theme of the wedding, using all vintage sheet music.

Another shot of my beautiful cake and cupcakes - breath taking!

Me and cutie pie Madison!

Julie, Holly, Tami
The girls relaxing for a minute on a park bench, taking a much needed break.

The hours and hours that went into creating this affair will forever be burned into my brain.  I am physically exhausted.  But, have you ever just sat back and stared at what you have created and smile?  This is how I feel about the event.  Everything turned out better than we had planned. 

Besides being called the "kitchen help" several times....
It truly was a night to remember.

(Photography by Wendy Winget & Holly Worthington)


Anonymous said...

Julie, I will give you a night to remember. Thats all I have to say.

Robert Chapman said...

Thank you very much for all of your hard work. Everyone that I spoke with said it was something they had never seen before! And they were mesmerized by the mood that was created by the beautiful decorations. The music in the park theme was a hit! It will resonate in Amber and I's heart for a very long time. God bless you and everyone that helped.

Rob Chapman

Amber said...

It was truly beautiful. Your team made it an amazing evening. Your imaginations were incredible. Thank you for making this extra special day so much more memorable. I have great memories of this special place. Thank you for your amazingly generous enthusiasm to willingly share your beautiful talents. Love you ladies greatly.