Friday, March 4, 2011


I have the best friend in the whole world! 
I love scrabble more than anything, well I might love Julie more for making me this adorable scrabble picture with my families names on it! She even took the pieces from her own scrabble game! She will add on to this post to tell us how she made this masterpiece! 
Love you so much Julie!

Hey friends! - It's me, Julie.  Can you tell how much Holly LOVES Scrabble?  Just a little bit, huh? 

The use of Scrabble pieces is a HOT TICKET ITEM right now, it's all over the crafting blogs but I have yet to see something like this!  So, I am a little excited about this!

To start off, I used a coupon and purchased a magnetic board at the local craft store.  Pulled out some cute paper, paint, distressing ink, magnets, and Mod Podge from my "Crafting Closet" then raided my Scrabble game.

1.  Paint the wood on the magnetic board.  Sand edges to distress.

2. Cut paper to fit metal sheet and distress edges with ink. 

3. Mod Podge paper to metal.  Or you could use spray adhesive?

4. Distress edges of scrabble pieces with ink.

5. Apply magnets to backside of scrabble pieces.

6. Arrange your family scrabble names and ENJOY!

I am really lovin' this idea because it is multi functional - it can be used for decor and also if you want, you can use it to play!  If you attached magnets to all the pieces, you could use it as your scrabble board.  It wouldn't have all the "special" squares on it, but it could still be a fun version of scrabble.  Don't ya think?

Go, get your SCRABBLE on!


Kellie Stilson said...

That is the CUTEST thing ever!! And so perfect for you! :)

The Buchingers said...

Very cute...I think I might have to do one now!

Rushton's said...

This is fabulous! Really cute and easy peasy! Love it Julie, you always amaze.