Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Felt/Fleece Easter Wreath

Remember when the Idea Room showed you how to make the heart wreath made out of felt? Well, we took the same idea and made a pastel easter wreath.

Supplies needed: felt circles (three inch) from desired colors, (hint! pastel yellow and green are nearly impossible to find, believe me, I hunted down each store in town, plus the internet. So we opted to use fleece too. It worked out great! The yellow and green are fleece, the others felt. Save yourself LOTS of time by reading this, trust me.) Styrofoam wreath (I can find these at the dollar store now!), straight pins and ribbon to hang it once you are done.

Same instructions as before, fold the circles into quarters and pin them onto the wreath. A bunch of us got together and the kids played while we made the wreaths. Thanks to Jenn for having this super awesome lazer cutter that cut the circles for us, seriously, saved tons of time. If you don't have a super cool friend like Jenn, then the good old fashioned way of tracing and cutting them out by hand will do.

**Note** We tried to be frugal. Each person that did the wreath, supplied one of the colors. We each bought a yard of one color (used our 40% off at Joann's). turned out, after equally dividing the circles into five groups, we had enough to complete our wreaths and oodles left over. I might be able to make another wreath or some of the ball ideas from The Idea Room or even her topiary. So if you don't want that much left over, I bet 1/2 yard is ample.

Super easy, even the kids helped. Lyla liked to put the pins in the Styrofoam wreath.

Tara, Hillary, Julie, and Jenn. We missed you Martha.

Frame a Face

Having fun, being silly, getting together, kids playing well........
the best kinds of crafting days.

LOVED the colors and how it turned out. So bright and spring-y. Mine will stay up a little after Easter because it makes me so happy.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Hillary said...

I just had to say that I really like the picture of me where I look like I have only one boob! I had fun making our wreaths!

Julie McRae said...

Well Hill, I love that pic too! Not everyone can say they have one boob!!!

By Marie Nicole said...

Looks like everyone had fun - like how you all worked together! Nice how you recycled too.