Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Things Spring!

The BEST part of living in Southern Utah is the weather.  Spring is here and I am LOVIN' it!  I can't help but open the doors to the backyard, let the kids run wild, sit in my kitchen and CRAFT!  I can see and hear the kids, smell the spring air and do what I love most!  Here is what I created this week.


This is my version of the cute frame I posted earlier that my friend Kellie had made.

8x10 plaque made from MDF Board
Scrapbook Paper
Distress Ink
Spray Adhesive

1. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the mdf board and distress the edges of the paper.
2. Use spray adhesive or Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the frame.
3. Wrap ribbon/fabric around the frame and tie in knot/bow.
4. Cut out flowers (I used my Cricut) 3 different sizes and use a brad to connect them.  Distress edges.  I free handed a leaf (they don't have to perfect!) because I felt the picture needed some green.  Hot glue flower(s) on.
5. Cut out your vinyl (I used my Cricut...again) to say "BLOOM" or whatever you would like.  Attach and you have your own Spring frame.  Total cost for this project: FREE.  All of it was in my craft closet!


My entry table needed something.  A little spring garland maybe?

Wire hangers.  I used two because that's all I could find in my house!

1. Disassemble wire hangers and straighten them out.  Well, kinda straighten them out.  I left all the bends and curves in them.
2. Bend ends under in a loop.  (This is for safety purposes.  I can just see my kids....stabbing each other with sharp ribbon garland.  Can you see that one on the news?  Child stabbed by sibling with hanger made into garland!)
3. Cut several strips of fabric, ribbon and twine.  I cut them all about 4-5 inches long and 1/2 inch thick.  Really whatever your preference.
4. Loop around wire hanger and tie a knot.  Continue until wire is full and desired thickness is achieved!

That easy and once again, total cost: FREE!  Just use what you have around the house!


I saw this great idea on Brown Paper Packages and just had to make it!
She used real flowers, but real just doesn't fly in my house.  I also used what I had around the house (I am super cheap and don't want to spend any money) and I found this galvanized tin pail/vase thing in the garage.  I seriously think I bought it 8 years ago and forgot about it.  But, with a little twine, ribbon, paper clip, paper and calla lillies, this ugly tin pail vase thing is just screaming SPRING!


Now, this creation was inspired by the Visiting Teaching Message in the Ensign for the month of March.  The message talks about strengthening faith in God and Jesus Christ through personal scripture study.  I guess for me, reading the scriptures has helped me "GROW" on so many levels I can't begin to describe my feelings.  I felt it only appropriate to remind myself that if I do not study the gospel, I will not "GROW" to become the woman, wife, mother, and daughter of God that my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

2x4x6 Wood Block
Wood Stain
Scrapbook Paper
Spray Adhesive or Mod Podge
Hot Glue and Glue Gun

1. Cut your 2x4 down to size and stain.
2. Drill three holes on the top of block.  Make sure to drill the holes large enough for the stem to fit.
3. Cut out scrapbook paper and distress edges.  Adhere to block using spray adhesive or Mod Podge.
4. Trim your tulips to the height you would like.  Put hot glue into the holes in the wood block.  Stick the stem of the tulip into the hole.
5. Cut your vinyl (I used my Cricut) and attach to the scrapbook paper.

So, get to creating some cute SPRING crafts!  I would LOVE to see your finished projects!

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Kellie Stilson said...

Oh I love your version! So cute! I definitely need one! I love you blog!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

found you from the idea room...and I'm loving the blog. love the grow with the flowers and the st. patricks decoration...the gold rocks are sooo cute!