Monday, March 8, 2010

more st. paddy's day fun

Thanks Julie for your fun post and explanation of how to make your lucky sign. Here is how mine turned out. I love that it is the same idea, but tweaked to fit your own preference.
To go along with my lucky sign, we made some square blocks to hang on the hooks on my shelf. I just loved Julie's valentine ones and wanted to make some to go along with this green holiday. Oh, and forgive this amateur photographer, the light from the window is annoying, still learning....

I used one-sided 1/4" masonite board left over scraps from another project. It is smooth on one side and fibrous/fuzzy on the other side, inexpensive, but comes in a big sheet at the hardware store. I cut it to the size I wanted, cut scrapbook paper to fit the board and then with the cricut cut out paper letters (in place of vinyl this time), adhered them with the spray on adhesive in a spray can ***LOVE this stuff***, drilled a hole in the tops and attached a fun ribbon.

Cut what size you want. The boards for my sign and blocks.

Oh, and had to make this cute frame to go beside Patrick.
Inspiring Creations has the tutorial. Pretty easy and fun to make.

My Irish blocks didn't turn out quite as cute as Julie's. Wait, who am I kidding, nothing turns out as cute and crafty as hers! She seriously has such a creative mind. I mostly like to copy what she has done. Anyway, take a 2x4 and cute it into different sized blocks, the more random the better. I really was going for the random look. Then I painted them white, hot glued a different ribbon to the side of each block, cut out random letters from different cricut cartridges and put them on. Like the pot of gold? Ya, easy peasy, rocks spray painted gold and placed by my cauldron. Are you feeling lucky? Good then get your St. Patrick's Day crafty groove on and make some of your own sweetness.


L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

So many cute things here! Love all of them! So glad you joined the party!
Happy St. Patty's Day!

Tyler and Jen said...

That's a great idea for your Luck frame. I love all the ideas here. Very cute! I love the gold rock "coins!" Very clever!

~Jennifer @ Because I Can