Tuesday, March 2, 2010


(Don't look to close at the picture!  The tile looks great, but the bead board still has work to be done!  You can see the grout smudges, and the cereal left on the floor...compliments of Griffin's breakfast!)
SPRING is almost here folks! In honor of the BEST season ever (and because I can hardly contain myself!) here is a set of the most adorable SPRING LETTERS!

My crafty friend Hillary found this idea on a blog and we decided we had to try them out. We had our AMAZING wood cutting guy/friend...a.k.a. Mr. Jolley cut out the letters.  If you can't cut out your own, it is a must to find your own Mr. Jolley!  He is the sweetest man and can do just about anything!

All I did was trace the letters onto scrapbook paper, cut them out and adhere.  I am in LOVE with the spray adhesive.  It's so quick and easy!  (I love Mod Podge too, I am just to impatient to wait for it to try!)  You can also put a layer of Mod Podge on top for some added security!  I sanded down the edges of the paper to be flush with the wood.  You can paint your letters or stain them...whatever your little heart desires!  Dress them up with ribbons, flowers, embellishments and you will have your own set of SPRING letters!

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Kellie Stilson said...

OOOH I love love LOVE them!! I want some BAD! Looks like I need to find myself a Mr. Jolley haha. Would that be Justine's dad?