Saturday, August 21, 2010

back to school treats

So, some of you are already in school, some are about to start. Where ever you are in this season, here are some treats to make with your kiddos and to again reaffirm your cool status! Seriouly, you will be getting some "those are awesome" comments.
Aren't these just the coolest crayons you have ever seen? I think so, the biggest plus is that you get to EAT them. Yes, eat them: Edible Crayons.
Howie helped me make edible crayons (pretzels with their ends dipped in candy melts, covered with a paper label). They were SUPER cool,(I keep saying that, but they were cool,) loved making these, and my son did too!We just loved the outcome. They were so life like and the kids had a blast eating them. Here is one for your file: old school paper chain. We counted down the days till school by tearing off a chain each day. I can tell you this was a hit. No school like the old school.

I just had to make a cute Back to School wreath, using a variation of the burlap one Tator Tots and Jello makes.Lastly, the Back to School fairy left a brown bag with lots of school supplies in it.
Just had to share some fun back to school ideas. I had good intentions of making school bus cookies or some kind of school sugar cookie, but I just ran out of time! Next year. Oh, and we said goodbye to summer by making Flip Flop cookies (Family Fun Magazine). These were very yummy since they were milano cookies. Mmmmmm. Loved them.

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall and Back to School!

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Sheree Dittmer said...

Tara - you are so COOL! So glad that we are related! I am totally stoked that you have this awesome creativity blog - so many ideas and and funness for me and the kids! Looking forward to looking at all of the posts!