Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Tweet... Baby Shower!

I have a super cute friend.  Her name is Holly.  She is having a baby boy in September!  I am so excited for her and even more excited to see this precious, cute, angel of a baby! 

If you know me, you know I love to plan parties and get plenty of girls together to do what we do best - TALK, VISIT, CATCH UP, GOSSIP (only wholesome know!), EAT, open PRESENTS.... Are you catching on?  Yeah, I thought you were.

Back to the topic at hand...Holly is having a baby.  And that means BABY SHOWER!!! I was SO happy to throw Holly a shower and I hope she and all the guests had a good time.  A big THANKS to all who came to support Holly and her soon to be Little Man.

 " How Tweet Baby Shower "

Photography by Kellie Stilson - she is AMAZING!  Check out her blog here!


Anonymous said...

The shower was awesome! Thanks again for throwing it! I love the pictures Kellie took! 7 days till we meet our little boy =)

Tara @ Baby Lifestyles said...

I'd like to feature this shower at Baby Lifestyles. Please email me if you're interested to discuss further. Editor at BabyLifestyles dot com. Thanks! Tara