Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Day! It's Finally FALL!

Okay, well the weather sure is not FALLish, but it's officially September and Fall is on it's way!  I love the Autumn months, the colors, crisp air, leaves, sweaters, perfect know what I mean?  There is a fabulous tutorial at Blogging With Holly on how to make fabric pumpkins!  I immediately knew I HAD to have them.

I changed mine up a little because I was trying to use what I had at home.  I also wanted to make them a little more "fun" for my kids, this way, I don't mind if they happen to FALL into the hands of a little man name Griffin!  Even though the pumpkins are high on a shelf, don't be shocked when I tell you he's a mini Spider man and can climb up walls, counter tops, pretty much anything.

Okay, enough about Little Man Griffin.  Pull out your sewing machine and some scraps of fabric and get to work!  If you don't have scraps, not to worry!  You don't need more than a fat quarter to make one pumpkin. 

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Denise Marie said...

Julie, it is really cute!!