Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Costumes

By now you should all be catching on... I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  I start asking my kids what they are going to be for Halloween MONTHS in advance.  I begin the planning process, brainstorming and finalize how I am going to make their costumes for the year.  Here are a few of my favorites I have made.  Now, please note:  These costumes are my own concoction.  I have NO patterns, I just go with it.  They are not perfect, but they are fabulous!

Beautiful Tutu Witch

I did a halter style tutu with black and purple tulle.  I found the witch hat a few years back at Old Navy so it worked perfect with this costume.  Add a little purple and black flowers to the hat and it was ready to go.  Notice the PERFECT PURPLE boots?  Are they not the cutest things ever?  WALMART!  Seriously this costume was adorable and very inexpensive to make!  Matter of fact, she wants to be this AGAIN this year.  I do think I am going to change it up a bit, but what can I say?  This costume is a keeper!

Mummified Mummy

My sweet little Coop has never been one who loves to dress up.  He hates things on his face or head, masks, paint, makeup, hats, etc.  Even from a little baby he hated it.  When he said he wanted to me a mummy, I had to figure out something to where it wouldn't cover his face.  Thus, the nice head wrap instead...kinda cheesy, but it worked ok.  Anyway, this costume was a little time consuming, but well worth it.  The pic doesn't do a very good job at showing it, but all the edges are burned to old and mummified!  I bought a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt at Walmart - you know the cheap garanimals brand?  I found an old off white sheet in my linen closet, ripped it into longs strips and went to town.  At first I was hand sewing the strips on then decided the HOT GLUE GUN is much faster!  I wrapped the strips around and glued them into place.  Afterwards, I pulled out the lighter and burned all the edges.  I only ALMOST burned the house down twice.  I suggest you have a bucket of water handy...if you're a little like me.  This costume was a hit.  He looked like a real mummy and not some tacky kid wrapped in toilet paper!

Cutest Little Candy Corn

Okay, a little background first on this costume.  I have two sisters and all three of us were pregnant at the same time.  Matter of fact, our due dates were all within six weeks of each other and we were all having boys!  How fun is that?  Well, pretty dang fun!  My sisters and I are very close, we all like to do things together and we wanted to have all the boys dressed a like and take all the kids trick or treating together.  Why?  Because that is what girls do!  Cute fun things...together!

Anyway, back to the details.  I bought all three boys a long sleeve white onesie.  I measured each of them around the chest and their length.  I made the shape of a candy corn out of paper using their measurements, cut out the fleece and sewed it onto the onesie - making a little sleeper.  I measured their heads and made a little white fleece beanie hat which of course NONE of them would wear.  They were definitely the CUTEST three boys strolling the streets on Halloween night!

I hope everyone is getting VERY excited for Halloween this year.   I know I am!

Oh yes, I'm linked up to the Fall Frenzy over at Craftaholics Anonymous.  Check it out.  There are TONS of fun fall ideas.

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