Friday, February 25, 2011

Brussel Sprouts & Bacon

YES! You read that right!


I always wanted to like Buster Browns (has my Mama calls 'em) but I just couldn't.  They tasted like dirty socks.  Then one day, I came home with MORE than one family could possibly eat - thanks to the lovely fruit and veggie co-op we all love Bountiful Baskets.

I couldn't let all these green veggies go to waste.  So I had to find a recipe that would spark my kids interest.  When I saw a recipe call for BACON, I knew in my heart of hearts this would be a HIT!

And it was DELICIOUS!
I will never look at these little green things the same!

I guess I had been cooking them wrong.  And I am really happy I learned how to cook them RIGHT!  Because they truly are amazing and with bacon.... OH YUM!

Here's How:

Wash and rinse brussels sprouts
Peel off outer layer on all sprouts and cut in half
Chop bacon into chunky pieces
Pour a little olive oil in a pan
Toss in brussels sprouts and bacon
Coat with Greek Seasoning - Oh how I love this stuff!
If you are an onion lover, chop up some onions and throw those in too!

Saute until bacon begins to crisp but make sure you don't burn the brussels sprouts!

My kids and I were a little nervous at first.  But, trust me - it was DIVINE!

When I began my recipe search, I just used the main ingredients - the bacon, brussels sprouts and olive oil!  They all called for weird items I didn't have on hand so this is kind of my own made up recipe.  If you want a more gourmet version, give it a google! 

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BiggsFamily said...

That looks SO YUMMY!! I get bountiful baskets but havent gotten any of those in my basket!! But if I do YUM Im doing this! Thanks for sharing!!