Tuesday, February 8, 2011

R U Ready?

Valentine's Day is quickly upon us. There are so many cute valentine ideas around blogland that I have just been in awe. I'm not sure if Julie and Holly feel the same way, but speaking for myself, I have just had so much fun looking at everyone's ideas and getting inspired. Instead of posting a lot about the crafty holiday ideas, I have spent this holiday actually crafting and enjoying it with my kids. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is best to make them first priority.

I have made some cute valentine decor for the house including some of these ideas:

Valentine Snowflakes
(photo from Peppermintplum since we already mailed our off valentine packages to family members)

We also made these heart shaped snowflakes from Family Fun. So clever!

Along with our very own Julie's "Owl Always Love You" Owls. Haven't gotten around to make the plaque yet, still on the to-do list.

Mom (me) decided to make our valentines this year. They were so much cuter than store bought cards, but a little more time than I thought they would be. I guess everything always looks easier in blogland. That's okay though. We had a very enjoyable family night fully prepared with suckers in our mouths, making valentines, and listening to music.
Okay, not sure about the very wild hair going on here. My little girl did the ever so famous lollipop photo cards (made famous originally HERE, I think). She only had a few to do for family.
Next, was my son's valentines. I blog surfed and found five of my favorite ideas and then let him choose which one he wanted to do. Of course he didn't pick the one I was wanting him to do, still picked a great one, but I guess that is what I get when I give him autonomy! So Dana over at MADE is the awesome person that claims the credit for this stinking cute valentine idea: HEARTBREAKER VALENTINES. You have to check out her post. She has a way with photos. This is our version. Lots of cutting, letting him do the writing, stapling two sides together, filling with candy to make pillow like valentines.
But, we couldn't have done it without Dad's expert stapling skills. No, really! There was a lot of stapling going on that night.
And we finished off with a simple and cute dynamite idea from Family Fun for his teacher. "You're the BOMB Valentine". Rolos covered in paper with a pipe cleaner fuse. We also made up a few single sticks of dynamite for neighbors.
Well, there isn't much time left...so get on it, get out there and get crafting. And most importantly, tell your loved one how much they mean to you.


Teresa Taintor said...

This is Teresa Taintor do you have an e-mail address?

Rushton's said...

Teresa, How fun to hear from you! yes, it is tara_rushton(@)yahoo(dot)com I would love to hear from you! glad you found our blog somehow!

Pam And Scott said...

I love these Valentines. I think Dedre did too. She posted them on her blog:) I saw Nie Nie's blog and they were on there too. I think they are darling.