Monday, February 28, 2011

St. Patrick's Day LUCK Banner

 Lucky Charms!

I am really excited we have more time this year between holidays.  Usually St. Patrick's Day and Easter are so close, the GREEN holiday gets overlooked...but not this year! 

I really wanted some cute little lucky charms hanging around this year.  I went to the closet to see what I could find.  Green felt, green scrap fabric and a cricut to cut out a clover and we are ready to go!

I used my cricut to cut out a clover on card stock - about a 3-4 inch size.

Trace each clover onto your felt and fabric and cut out.

I also used the cricut to cut out the words LUCK onto the card stock.  I used Heat n Bond and adhered it to some fabric.  Traced the letters onto the fabric and cut them out as well.

Wow!  Check out the UGLY, GROSS ironing board cover!  I think it is time it be replaced.

Anyway, back to the task at hand... I took a small piece of Heat n Bond to adhere the two clovers together.  Less wiggle when it came to sewing them, or no sew if you don't wanna!!??

Iron the clovers and the letters on.

I strung a piece of twine from one hook to the other and used four small clothes pins to attach them.

And there you have it... You're Lucky Charms!

I'm loving me some Lucky Charms!!

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Rushton's said...

love it! and easy peasy too! fabulous!