Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Over the Hill

This is nothing spectacular by any means, but it was fun.

I threw an impromptu 60th birthday party for my mom. We are talking from a thought to the event in 24 hours! We had missed her birthday the week before because she was still very weak from the bad case of walking pneumonia she has had for what seems like the entire month of January. She was feeling better and my aunt let me know she was taking her out to dinner. I decided we would decorate my aunt's house while they were gone and have a dessert bar after their dinner. I only had 24 hours to pull this baby off and so the decoration are not stellar, but at least we surprised my mother and celebrated her momentous birthday. 60 is a big deal and I couldn't just let it slip by without telling her she was special. Most of my time was used up calling people and baking cupcakes. It was mostly just family and a few neighbor friends, very small and casual. I think if it had been planned longer, someone would have blown the surprise.
We had chocolate cupcakes with a simple buttercream frosting and silver sprinkles and also a salted caramel cupcakes (from Joy's Hope, you can find the recipe HERE), YUM. Mom has recently been through a lot and I didn't want to really focus on the "you're older than dirt" aspect and make everything black. We added a little bit of color and tried to put some silver in it to make it a little more festive.
We also gave her a portrait of the Salt Lake Temple that I made from Poppyseed Projects. I have to say thank you to my hubby for "helping". I had run out of time to do everything and asked him to take the ribbon and make a bow to put on the picture. Men just do things differently as you can see in the photo.
We also watched a short (5 min) video of pictures of mom. It was a super casual and informal party. Probably what mom would have wanted if she had been able to plan her own party. She hates the spotlight. LOVE you Mom. Happy Birthday.


Dawn said...

First I have to say, those cupcakes are beautiful, and I think you did a great job on the dessert bar - very impressive indeed, having only hours to plan and pull it off!

Secondly, I nearly died laughing about the bow thing - when I first saw the picture, I was in awe of how pretty it was, and such a nice gift, then I read your words about how men put bows on - I could see myself picturing a bow perfectly tied/taped around a diagonal corner or something, and my husband handing me a bow hanging down the side - hahaha, MEN! But I didnt notice it at all when I first saw the pic, and it actually accentuated the gorgeous picture very well. (Still, Men make me laugh!!)

Have a good one!

Julie the Cupcake Girl said...

Excellent Mrs. Tara! You did great! Your mom is most deserving of a birthday celebration! Give her a great big hug and birthday wish for me! She deserves the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD!