Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got Cold Feet?

I do.  All.  The.  Time.  I blame it on my Dad.  He has cold feet too.

I don't enjoy my cold feet, but I do love when my toes are toasty.

 So, I came up with a solution for my cold toes!

A quick, easy and inexpensive heat pack to keep your toes nice and toasty!

What to make one for you?  Well, let's get to it!

I started off with two old pillow covers from Ikea and a scrap piece of fabric.  I wanted to use the pillow covers because they have zippers.  I like the idea of being able to "change" the insides of the heat pack when it's time.

I wanted the packs to be long and skinny - to fit nicely in the bottom of the bed.  I measured 9.5 inches from the top and cut the bottom off.

Turn the fabric inside out, so the right sides are together.

Sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance along the bottom/open end, closing it up!

Turn it right side out, and press.  See how nice and pretty she looks!?
You can stop here, because technically it's done.  You can fill it full of good things like:

rock salt
tea bags (makes it smell pretty)

BUT, if you want to give it some character...let's carry on!

I used my Cricut to cut out some letters on card stock.  I wanted these two packs to say "TOES."  I then used Heat n Bond and adhered it to the green fabric.  I traced the the letters on the fabric and cut them out.  I know you are supposed to be able to cut out fabric on the Cricut, but every time I try I fail miserably.   I took the long road and did it by hand today!

After cutting out the fabric letters, I ironed them onto the heat pack.

Filled it full of good things.  And, check out how cute!  I am actually giving these two to my mom and dad.  I know my dad will LOVE having warm toes.

The other great idea about this!?  In the summer when it's hot?!  Throw this in the freezer in the morning, by bedtime, toss it in bed and it's sure to COOL you down!  Yeah, I know BRILLIANT!!!

How cute would this be for a wedding gift?  His and Hers?  Mine and Yours?

Here is the cute one I made for me!  I didn't have a zipper at home, so I used Velcro, not a shabby idea!

I was even in such a good mood I taught Cooper and Charlee how to sew.  Here are the heat packs they made ALL by themselves.  I swear!  I didn't do a thing.  I sat next to them at talked them through everything, but they did it all!  I have to say, they did a FABULOUS job! 

I love these little things.  I throw them in the microwave while the kids are getting their jammies on and brushing teeth.  Put them in the bottoms of their beds and it keeps them warm.  I can turn the heat down at night and there are no complaints of being cold!

So friends, say goodbye to cold feet and hello to



Kendra Knowles said...

Oh how I love this idea! and yes your right, this would make a great wedding gift!

ivynicole said...

What a cute idea!! I LOVE these. :) I am always freezing at night!